One Love – The Beauty of Earthsoul

12 Feb


This past Saturday we attended Earthsoul gallery’s one year anniversary show which I felt honored to be a part of. I have had work in Earthsoul since that first exhibition one year ago, including my solo show, To Stand Strong. My solo show was a true testament to gallery owner Angela Elkin’s dedication to her beliefs about the art world. I was turned down by gallery after gallery, each saying that the art community in Smyrna and Murfreesboro, TN just wasn’t strong enough to support solo shows. Less people attend solo shows in these areas, which isn’t something to play around with in an already dry market. If fifty people or more attend an opening and another twenty visit in the following exhibition dates, artists and gallery workers are lucky to sell a handful of pieces. Which means, for a solo show you are lucky to sell one or two small pieces. But Angela enthusiastically welcomed my exhibition because she believed in my work and wanted it to be shared with as many as possible. It is that dedication and pure, undying love for art that makes Earthsoul such a special place. Her energy alone seeps into the space infecting everyone who enters its doors. On several occasions visitors have confessed an almost “supernatural” good feeling about the gallery and what it will accomplish.

Angela was a classmate of mine at Watkins College of Art & Design. Like many students of Watkins, we felt disheartened by the elitist mentality commonly encountered in the art world. We spent many hours ranting and raving to each other that art needed to be accessible and welcoming to all who had an open mind to it, not just to those who had the extensive knowledge it took to decode the subtle and dense symbolism packed into most contemporary art today. We recognized and understood that every human being has a primal connection to visual art, meaning every single person can both create and appreciate art if only they can be given the proper environment and community as context.

Years later I was delighted to see that Angela had truly gone the distance with her vision, embodying every detail of her dream down to the exact building she wanted her gallery to be in and the decor she had spent hours meticulously planning. It is every bit as beautiful as I imagined it to be, and her hard work and determination in making that dream come true is alive and well and all too evident in the success of this past year. Saturday night’s opening served as a gateway for that infectious quality Earthsoul has become known for in my mind as well as the other artists that have had the pleasure of being involved.

Every artist exhibiting in this show is amazingly talented and I am excited to be showing with them. Not only that, but every single one of them I have spoken to seems to share in that same grander vision for the art community that is the fuel to Earthsoul’s fire. Every new endeavor Angela takes on strives to connect her community through art, strengthening Rutherford County’s appreciation for art as well as reviving that sense of community that is becoming so lost within today’s self-focused society.

Earthsoul is located at 307 Hazelwood Dr. in Smryna, TN.
Hours: Wed – Thu: 11:00 am – 5:00 pm, Fri: 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm, Sat: 11:00 am – 5:00 pm
(615) 462-6051

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