Lillith’s Advocate

5 Jan

I am very excited to welcome my best friend Paige to our blogging community. She is one of the most interesting, intelligent people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and I’m sure you will all enjoy her bold takes on our society as much as I do. Give her new blog a read:


1 Jan!/maiharrisart?fref=ts

I am so excited to see what direction my art work evolves into over this new year. I thought I would start it off by compiling a portfolio of all of my best paintings from the past three years. You can see it by following this link to my fb page.

Happy New Year!


20 Dec
Suit: CompanionDescription: I Am One Who loves candles, flowers and colorful fabrics. I savor seasonal food and good wine.

Suit: Companion
Description: I Am One Who loves candles, flowers and colorful fabrics. I savor seasonal food and good wine.

Recently while visiting a very dear friend of mine, who is a local gallery owner, she explained to me that she attended training to be a facilitator for SoulCollage. The way I have come to understand this exciting process from what she explained to me and from what I have read is as follows: SoulCollage is similar to a tarot card reading, but much more personal and individualized. Using the method of collage, you create a series of cards – each representing a different aspect of your soul. You are then guided through a reading of these cards based on questions or concerns you may currently have. You actually conduct the reading yourself, interpreting your own cards using your intuition. You simply speak aloud what you believe the cards to mean in relation to your current situation. This process can be done in a group, and another member of the group will record in writing what you have to say about your cards. Having your words read back to you is important because often during the process you simply speak freely and when you hear these things outloud they can resonate more deeply with you, or even surprise you entirely.
I have not yet gotten to attend one of my friend’s SoulCollage workshops but I am hoping to soon. While anyone can participate in SoulCollage, I think it is especially exciting for artists. We’re so used to using visual symbols to express our internal dialouge and messages we’re receiving from the universe that this method is extremely fascinating – it harnesses that process in a way that allows us to listen to the visual symbols we are putting out there, and using that information as quidance, rather than just throwing the symbols out there for others to interpret, which is what can be most often done in our usual creative process, or even in a typical tarot card reading.
You can find out more at
And if you live in the TN area, you can go to to learn more about participating in one of these workshops at my friend’s gallery.

New Work

15 Nov


Still in need of a few small edits (there’s a ghost hand in one of these), and later I’ll post titles, prices, sizes, etc., but here’s all the new work!

God-sent kind of day

14 Nov

ImageI returned to my studio this morning to find that my paintings are a lot better off than I remember leaving them, which I think has given me the last push of motivation I needed to FINALLY finish this series. Today, hopefully.

I won’t spend much time writing so I can get to work, but I will leave you with a poem I found while transferring into a new journal. 


Fucking the world in a cold sweet hot exhale on some sudden winter night
Christmas Eve wrapped around your soul with a devil studded bow.
Cherries on top, up above the universe through your heart’s own carnival.
Your tongue bleeds sugar.
You’re seeping out salt water and standing as strong as a wave crashing over a fiery moon.
Sweat leaks out into the air. 
Syrup that’s as pink as my organs, black as my lungs, bitter as whiskey.
Fingers dragging with passion across milk that moves with jello heaves of pleasure,
and pain and hate and shame and orgasm.
This breeds every organism that is the composite of death and love and art and any other enigma that is the point, the purpose of breathing in and out every day,
over and over again as if you never dreamed of stopping long enough to feel relief,
only to realize the price was everything. 

Installation Art???

13 Nov

ImageInstallation art has been on my mind a lot lately, and I am hoping maybe there are some other bloggers out there who can answer this question: How do artists make money from installation art? Are there people who buy it and have it reassembled in their homes? Does the gallery pay artists to do their installations?

I am wanting to do some experimenting with installation….assembling things I’ve collected, things I adore into big clusters to create “my temple.” I’ve only had the chance to do it once, in college. You can see a picture of part of it to your left here. But I’m just so unfamiliar with how this portion of the art world works, I never put much time into it. Hoping that changes soon. Can all of you out there in blog world educate me?