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Upcoming Events

14 May

A couple of things are on the horizon that are very exciting! 

First and foremost….

The Seraphine Music & Arts Jubiliee will be held at The East Room at 2412 Gallatin Ave., Nashville, TN on Friday, May 23rd beginning at 8pm. The event is curated by Mai Harris to give artists and musicians the opportunity to come together and share what they do on an equal level. While most shows have one or the other as the headlining entertainment, this event strives to give music and art equal attention, allowing the two mediums to intertwine and overlap in as many different ways as possible.
Musical performances will include the following local bands: The Grayces, Featuring Richard Koozie, Good Sex, and Thunderfrog. Artists Tyler Bates, Jeff Bertrand, and Mai Harris will be painting while the bands play, creating art work directly influenced and inspired by the live music. Visual art will be displayed in every way possible throughout the venue space. Some other artists exhibiting work the night of the show will be Jeff Bertrand; well-known Nashville artist, Alicia and Travis Maynard; owners of Murfreesboro’s Lime Tiger, Mai Harris; curator of the event and local artist, and Ryan Frizzel who is also a member of one of the bands performing, Thunderfrog.
Anyone wanting more information about the Seraphine Music & Arts jubilee should contact Mai Harris. Maiharris27@gmail.com


The following night The East Room will also be the location for the Purple People Eater Art & Music Show…..

Also, coming later this year, I have a second Arts & Music Jubilee in the works that will be taking place in Murfreesboro, TN, as well as an Essential Tremors benefit show featuring the work of myself and Alyssa Strickland of Articulation Creations.

Thanks for checking in! More updates to come!