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God-sent kind of day

14 Nov

ImageI returned to my studio this morning to find that my paintings are a lot better off than I remember leaving them, which I think has given me the last push of motivation I needed to FINALLY finish this series. Today, hopefully.

I won’t spend much time writing so I can get to work, but I will leave you with a poem I found while transferring into a new journal. 


Fucking the world in a cold sweet hot exhale on some sudden winter night
Christmas Eve wrapped around your soul with a devil studded bow.
Cherries on top, up above the universe through your heart’s own carnival.
Your tongue bleeds sugar.
You’re seeping out salt water and standing as strong as a wave crashing over a fiery moon.
Sweat leaks out into the air. 
Syrup that’s as pink as my organs, black as my lungs, bitter as whiskey.
Fingers dragging with passion across milk that moves with jello heaves of pleasure,
and pain and hate and shame and orgasm.
This breeds every organism that is the composite of death and love and art and any other enigma that is the point, the purpose of breathing in and out every day,
over and over again as if you never dreamed of stopping long enough to feel relief,
only to realize the price was everything.